Why Bharuch?


With more than 16,000 industrial units, every year the city of Bharuch has noted a remarkable increase of 20 to 30% in Small Scale Industries and a 10% increase in Large Scale Industries.


Bharuch hosts Petrochemical and Petro Investment Region (PCPIR) spread over 453 sq kms. Govt of India ensures availabilty of external physical infrastructure linkages to the PCPIR. Investments of USD 22.87 billion in manufacturing sector and USD 1.78 billion in infrastructure development have already been made and committed.


Since last Decade,  Bharuch witnessed an investment of USD 164 Million in sectors such as chemicals & petrochemicals, drugs & pharmaceuticals, metallurgical industries, engineering, textiles etc.


Bharuch has a good mix of Social infrastructure like residential townships, international schools and  multi speciality hospitals


Several business conglomerates such as Lupin, BASF, ABG shipyard, China steel, OPAL, Reliannce, Linda group, Toyo Ink, Gujurat Alkallies etc have been contributing towards the same with their presence in Bharuch.



Arete Services has 8 Industrial Parks at Jambusar  &    

  1 Industrial Park at Dahej